200 Years

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200 Years Wienerberger - Success for and by People

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The full movie will be released in autumn.

A film by Gustav W. Trampitsch
Camera: Gerhard Kaiser
Editing: Michael Schubert
Produced by: Matthias Widter
A RAUM.FILM production
On behalf of
© 2019
Duration: 53 min


This year, in 2019, one of the key players of the Austrian economy celebrates its 200th jubilee and the 150th anniversary of its stock exchange listing. No other major company in this country can look back on such a long, eventful and successful history. WIENERBERGER was founded in 1819, a few years after the Vienna Congress, when Europe was still in the process of consolidating its new political order. From then on, the company and its building materials played a crucial role in every phase of the construction and reconstruction of Austria and Europe. Today, WIENERBERGER operates 200 production sites in 30 countries on three continents. This film takes you on an exciting and informative journey through space and time. It documents the most important technological and economic stages in the company’s evolution alongside the great historical landmarks of Austria.

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200 Years

200 Years Wienerberger


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200 Years Wienerberger

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