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Clay Blocks create a pleasant indoor environment

Safe, sustainable and innovative- Wienerberger’s Clay Blocks meet the highest standards for modern and energy efficient buildings.

Wienerberger Clay Blocks © Uwe Strasser

Natural brick walls always create a healthy indoor environment, which contributes to your well-being. They are breathable, sustainable, durable and do not lose value over time. Wienerberger’s Clay Blocks are environmentally friendly and sustainable. They can be found in family homes and flats, as well as in office buildings, hospitals, schools and nurseries.

Wienerberger Product Solutions: Clay Blocks for Walls

Innovative solutions make the work of construction companies and brick layers easier, while also making it possible to get high quality masonry work from one provider. Wienerberger’s Clay Blocks can be put down quickly and effortlessly. We provide all of the necessary components to do this. By using Dryfix brick adhesive, flat tiles can be stuck together quickly and effortlessly, without the need for mortar. This saves time for builders and craftsmen.

In addition to providing excellent thermal insulation, Wienerberger’s Clay Blocks are able to support very heavy weights, are fireproof and regulate the humidity of the air. Block and flat bricks are used on exterior walls to provide all, or some, of a building’s structural support. In modern skeleton structures, they are also used for load or non load-bearing interior walls, partition walls, as well as for infill and separating walls. The people living in these houses value the outstanding sound and heat insulation most of all.

Wienerberger Clay Blocks are safe, sustainable and innovative.
Wienerberger’s Clay Blocks are safe, sustainable and innovative.
© Uwe Strasser
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Wienerberger Brands: Global Number 1 for Clay Blocks

Wienerberger is the world’s biggest brick manufacturer and has been offering customized product solutions for almost 200 years. We are number 1 on the global market when it comes to Clay Blocks. Our brands Porotherm and POROTON combine long-established traditions with leading-edge technology.

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