Social and Corporate Commitment at Wienerberger

We conduct our business responsibly and support initiatives worldwide: read more about Wienerberger’s social and corporate commitments.

Christine Vieira Paschoalique
Christine Vieira Paschoalique
Corporate Sustainability Officer
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Wienerberger conducts its business responsibly and supports social projects and initiatives worldwide.

As a successful international company, Wienerberger bears substantial responsibility. Our action is based on clear ethical principles and follows fixed compliance guidelines. We are engaged in numerous social projects and initiatives. We support disadvantaged people with donations – in particular, we provide help in every region in which we are active.

Principles for social and corporate commitment

We take our role as responsible members of the economy very seriously. At Wienerberger, responsibility means acting ethically, communicating honestly, shaping the economic environment transparently and acting as a valuable member of society. We consider the economy to be an integrated part of society that should serve the people and provide them with benefits. 

By signing the UN Global Compact in 2003, we committed ourselves to implementing the ten principles of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. Two years before that, the Managing Board of Wienerberger AG and the Chairman of the European Forum had already concluded the Wienerberger Social Charter. The charter acknowledges the fact that Wienerberger give their full compliance to the conventions and recommendations of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Key aspects

Sustainability Aspects for Social and Societal Commitment

In our materiality analysis, company ethics and compliance were deemed to be particularly important for social and corporate commitment and were identified as key activity areas.

Company ethics and compliance

As an internationally active, listed company, we are committed to strict principles of quality corporate management and transparency as well as to the further continuous development of an efficient system of corporate control. Compliance covers all tools and actions that ensure the legally compliant conduct of the company and our employees. This includes compliance with all legal regulations on a national and international level.

Aims and actions

Eradicating corruption

Wienerberger is committed to free and fair competition. This includes being firmly opposed to corruption. Our aim is to move towards a workplace and world with no corruption and consequently, we expect our employees to act accordingly so we may achieve this. As an essential principle of Wienerberger conduct, we expect full compliance to be given to all applicable national and international legal standards.

Wienerberger compliance policy

Our Compliance Policy is based upon the Provisions of the Austrian and European Stock Exchange Law (Börsenrechts). The policy is a preventative measure aimed at stopping insider trading and the unlawful disclosure of insider information. A compliance officer and deputy have been appointed to monitor compliance. Furthermore, there are regular training sessions on Issuer Compliance for the top management of Wienerberger AG and its business areas. 

Social commitment and donations

The best way to help is with our core competencies – offering building materials and infrastructure solutions as well as passing on expertise in relation to sustainable construction. In 2017, we revised the Wienerberger Donation Guidelines and made further positive changes to our social commitment and local collaborations. 

We support current social projects and institutions. Particularly in the countries where we are active, we aim to help disadvantaged people with our products. Starting in 2012, an example of this is our collaboration with the international non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity. In 2017, for example, we built suitable homes for twelve families in need. Additionally, we have improved the living conditions of over 400 people thanks to building schools or social centers. 

Target Concerning Business Ethics & ComplianceDeadline201520162017
Group level: Zero incidents of corruption Every year000

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