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Three business areas, one goal: innovative solutions to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Learn more about the Wienerberger structure.

The structure of the Wienerberger AG

As a global player in the building materials industry, we stick to what we do best – bricks, pipes and pavements. The Wienerberger structure consists of four business areas: the European brick business, the European pipe and surfaces business and the business in the USA and Canada. In addition, there is the "Holding & Others" area with Corporate Services at HQ, as well as the Indian market.

Clay Building Materials Europe: leader in the European brick business

In the Clay Building Materials Europe division, we have a wide range of innovative ceramic products and system solutions on offer. As the world market leader for clay blocks, Wienerberger supply quality building materials for load-bearing exterior and interior walls, as well as for non-load bearing partition walls or infills in reinforced concrete frame construction. We are the number one company in Europe for façade facing bricks, interior walls and clay roof tiles. More information available at: Clay Building Materials Europe.

Pipes & Pavers Europe: diverse portfolio of pipes and concrete surfaces

The Pipes & Pavers Europe division deals with plastic pipes, ceramic pipes and concrete surface fixings. Wienerberger offers a wide range of products in this area: we offer innovative system solutions for building installations, fresh water supplies and irrigation systems, wastewater and rainwater management, drainage, energy supplies and data transfer. In addition, we offer specially made industry solutions, as well as pavements for public areas, landscaping and garden design. More information available at: Pipes & Pavers Europe.

North America: facing bricks and plastic pipes for North America

In the North American business division, we primarily deal with facing bricks, plastic pipes, concrete products and limestone products. In the brick business, Wienerberger has a modern, highly efficient network of sites in the USA and Canada as well as over 20 independent sales locations. The pipe business is operated from a single location in Arkansas. At this location we focus our efforts on solutions for water management and high-pressure solutions for the oil and gas industry. More information available at: North America

Holding & others: corporate services, Indian Market and companies

The Holding & Others Division consists of the holding company with comprehensive corporate functions such as communications, business development, IT and human resources. In addition, Wienerberger also operates in India. This clay block production site is located in the Bangalore region.

Investments: the Wienerberger companies

Under the umbrella of Wienerberger AG, multiple companies contribute to the success of the Wienerberger Group. This also includes a 50% stake in Schlagmann Poroton GmbH & Co. KG. The Bavarian company specialises in sustainable and innovative clay blocks. More information available at: Wienerberger Companies.

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Wienerberger CEO Heimo Scheuch and CFO Willy Van Riet


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