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Wienerberger plans to cancel recently purchased shares

January 09, 2019

Within the framework of its share buyback program, which was recently brought to a successful conclusion, Wienerberger AG purchased shares worth € 22.0 million (between November 26, 2018, and January 3, 2019, the company bought back approx. 1% of its share capital at an average price of € 18.73 per share). Wienerberger now plans to cancel these shares. Together with the dividend paid out in 2018 and the previous share buyback program at the beginning of the year, a total amount of € 80.6 million was returned to the shareholders of Wienerberger AG in 2018. Wienerberger CEO Heimo Scheuch notes:

The Wienerberger Group performed very well in 2018. We generated organic growth, launched an ambitious optimization program, and succeeded in extending the Group’s operations through attractive acquisitions. Our strong performance confirms the progress achieved. Our shareholders increasingly benefit from our success. A total of € 80.6 million was returned to our shareholders by way of our dividend and the buyback of own shares in 2018. We will continue to pursue our growth strategy in the future and create value for our shareholders.

Heimo Scheuch, CEO Wienerberger AG

Heimo Scheuch


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