• Sustainability Report 2018
    Sustainability Report

    Wienerberger successfully continues sustainability strategy

    Wienerberger Sustainability Report 2018 published
    with more information than ever before.

  • Habitat4Humanity 9

    Habitat 4 Humanity

    8,500 roof tiles, 350 volunteers and 5 days. The result: a home for eight families in precarious situations

  • From safety and well-being to the international exchange of knowledge, Wienerberger strives to create the best possible framework conditions.

    Focus on our Employees

    Job security, well-being and job satisfaction are the three main areas we focus on with personnel management.

  • The production of plastic pipes at Pipelife.

    Wienerberger Sustainable Production

    We are committed to an environmentally friendly production line.


An Overview: Sustainability at Wienerberger

Sustainable solutions require a look at the bigger picture. Sustainability is firmly rooted in Wienerberger’s company strategy.

What makes a company successful in the long term? Acting responsibly, improving people’s quality of life and ensuring that future generations have the same opportunities as we have today. This is why we consider the bigger picture when managing our business: our goal is to improve quality in the Wienerberger Group in a sustainable manner from an ecological, social and economic perspective.

In Wienerberger’s Sustainability Roadmap 2020, we pursue ambitious goals. As a result, we have established four key areas at the centre of sustainability: Employees, Production, Products and Social and Economic Commitment. By signing the UN Global Compact in 2003, we committed ourselves to implementing the ten principles of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption – not only at Wienerberger, but along the entire supply chain.

Find out more:

Our key areas

Wienerberger adds permanent value using durable and innovative products.


We are making a lasting impact with our innovative and durable bricks, pipes and pavements.
The production of plastic pipes at Pipelife.


We are committed to an environmentally friendly production line. Learn more about Wienerberger’s processes.
Learn more about what Wienerberger does for its employees.


Job security, well-being and job satisfaction are the three main areas we focus on with personnel management.
Read more about Wienerberger’s social and corporate commitments.

Social and Societal Commitment

We are a responsible member of society and support social initiatives.

Recognition and awards

The ASRA-Prize for Wienerberger’s Sustainability Report

In 2018, Wienerberger AG was honored by the Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award (ASRA). Thanks to our 2017 Sustainability Update and our high-quality sustainability management, we received the award in the category “Sustainability Reports of Large Companies.” The ASRA distinguishes the best sustainability reports of Austrian companies each year. In 2018, it was awarded for the 19th time. More information available at: ASRA.

oekom research: prime status for Wienerberger

oekom research, a leading rating agency in the investment sector, rated Wienerberger AG as a prime investment. This status was awarded to us for the first time in 2013 and again in 2016. As a result, our securities traded on the market are worthy of investment, from an ecological and social perspective. In oekom corporate rating, the social and environment-related aspects of international companies are analysed and rated. Wienerberger ranks among the top 15% in the manufacturing industry. Our commitment to security and well-being, the independence of the supervisory board and committees, as well as our environmental policies were noted as especially positive. Currently, around 550 companies across the globe are rated as “prime” by oekom research. More information at: oekom research.

VÖNIX sustainability index


Wienerberger AG was included in the most recent VÖNIX sustainability index 2019/20. We have been listed in this Austrian sustainability index since it was founded in 2005. VÖNIX comprises those companies secretly listed on Vienna’s stock exchange, who are leaders in the field with regard to their ecological and social progress. More information available at: VÖNIX.

How our products are made

Protecting people and the environment is a very important issue in Wienerberger’s production process. To do this, we are continuously developing our operations and designing more efficient processes. In addition, we use environmentally friendly technology in all our production areas: ceramic, plastic and concrete.

More about the production at Wienerberger.

  • Traditional clay roof tiles manufacturing in the UK
    Production of ceramics
    Clay from resource-friendly excavation is the most important resource for clay blocks, facing bricks, roof tiles and ceramic pipes. (© Uwe Strasser)
  • The production of plastic pipes at Pipelife.
    The production of plastic pipes
    When manufacturing plastic pipes, we pay attention to the environmentally friendly use of materials as well as energy-efficient processes.
    © Pipelife
  • The concrete parts are shaped via pressing or casting.
    The production of concrete pavements
    Raw materials from local manufacturers and further improved production processes make Wienerberger pavers particularly sustainable.
    © Semmelrock

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