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A strong capital base, a balanced maturity profile and ample liquidity reserves. Learn more about how Wienerberger is financed.

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We are pursuing clear targets with our financial policies: the establishment of an adequate liquidity position, a strong capital structure and unrestricted access to capital and credit markets. The finances of the Wienerberger Group are regulated centrally by the holding company using a balanced combination of financial instruments.

Wienerberger’s financial policies

The basis of Wienerberger’s finances is its strong internal financing power, resulting from the sustainable generation of free cash flow and a healthy equity base. Over the past years, we have improved our mid and long-term financial structures, reduced costs and broadened our scope to act financially.

“Wienerberger’s financial policies are focused on clear targets. We want to ensure sufficient liquidity, develop a strong capital structure and maintain unrestricted access to capital and credit markets.”

Willy Van Riet, CFO Wienerberger AG

Willy van Riet


By determining the duration of our financial liabilities, we are establishing a balanced maturity profile, avoiding the need to refinance.

We are committed to adhering to strict, financial criteria and are thereby striving towards a debt repayment period (net debt/ EBITDA) of less than 2.0 years by the end of the year. If the upside potential convinces us to undertake a project, this threshold may be temporarily increased to 2.5 years.

Key financial indicators

We are very satisfied with the progress of our key financial indicators, which are important for contracts with banks and credit ratings. This is highlighted by the current debt repayment period (net debt/EBITDA) and the interest coverage ratio (EBITDA/net interest expenses):

Key financial indicators31/12/201631/12/2017Threshold
Net debt/EBITDA1.61.4<3.50
EBITDA/interest income11.811.5>3.75

Wienerberger’s credit rating

Wienerberger AG is advised by the international credit rating agency Moody’s.

Moody’s Rating
Corporate FamilyBa1/stable
Corporate bondsBa1/stable
Corporate hybrid bondsBa3/stable

Short-term liabilities

Wienerberger’s short-term, interest-bearing financial liabilities include a commercial paper programme, as well as various credit lines. With the fixed-interest commercial paper programme that was concluded in 2005, we have a flexible and short-term means of covering the financial needs of the business up to 200 million Euros. The duration of these has been agreed with the investors and ranges from one week to a year.

In 2014, we concluded a revolving line of credit with ten banks. This will be valid until November 2019 and will provide Wienerberger with a liquidity cushion of 400 million Euros. This will be useful for the highly seasonal nature of the business, as well as for further growth. When using the revolving line of credit, we also include the current maturities from parts of the commercial paper programme. This enables us to guarantee the Group’s liquidity.

Long-term liabilities

The corporate bonds make up the majority of the long-term, interest-bearing financial liabilities. All of Wienerberger’s bonds may be traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange. You can find information about current rates here: The Vienna Stock Exchange.

In December 2016, a loan agreement of over 150 million Euros, which lasted for eight years, was concluded. The help of five long-standing partner banks and refinancing by the Oesterreichischen Kontrollbank (Austrian Kontrollbank) enabled this to be achieved financially.

The corporate hybrid bonds are designed as subordinate capital with fixed interest. They last for a limited period and Wienerberger has the unilateral right to terminate these. This is why they are identified as an equity instrument, according to IFRS, and are not considered to be financial liabilities.

Wienerberger bond 2013AT0000A100E24.00%300 million Euros7 years17/04/2020
Wienerberger corporate hybrid bond 2014DE000A1ZN2065.00%272 million Eurosperpetual-
Wienerberger bond 2018AT0000A20F932.00%250 million Euros6 years02/05/2024

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